Manja Zupan Šemrov

Manja Zupan Šemrov

I have been involved in many studies focusing on different behaviours and aspects of farm animal welfare particularly in pigs and poultry in my home country as well as abroad and have shown great project management skills leading national projects. I have also organized many workshops bringing together people from different backgrounds and promoting an extensive link between them. With my teaching experiences and writing popular articles I have seen a great possibility to spread the knowledge to younger generations and farmers. I have published 23 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals in the discipline. I am a member of a national Scientific Committee for Animal Welfare formed by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and a member of Regional Animal Welfare Centre for Balkan region and coordinator for Biotechnical faculty.

In 2004 I was awarded the Prešeren Prize for the undergraduate thesis for work on the behaviour of broilers in different housing systems, and in 2008 the international IGN Research Prize for PhD thesis on pre-laying behaviour of laying hens. In 2010 I received a Scholarship for mobility project funded through EEA/NFM financial mechanism for working in Norway on the topic of tail-biting in pigs. Under my supervision a student was awarded a national Prešeren Prize for MSc thesis investigating personality in Lipizzan horses in 2018 while in 2019 the national research agency awarded me with one of the best research of the year in the topic of play in pigs. Receiving these research awards, is a further evidence that I have managed my work to be recognized and have gained a national and international reputation as an ethologist. The participation in different COST actions is giving me the opportunity to build on my skills as a coordinator and promoting my space in a trans-national cooperation.


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