Janice Siegford

President (2023-2025)

Janice Siegford

  • Senior Vice-President (incumbent, 2025-2027)
  • Junior Vice-President (2021-2023)
  • Senior Editor (2017-2019)
  • Junior Editor (2015-2017)

Janice Siegford is a Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University (USA). Janice started her academic journey with a BS(Hons) in Science Communication (Cornell University) before completing a MS in Zoology (University of Idaho), a PhD in Neuroscience (Washington State University) and, finally, a Postdoc in Animal Welfare at Michigan State where she has been ever since. Her lab examines the responses of animals, primarily laying hens and pigs, to alternative housing systems in collaboration with colleagues whose expertise lies in genetics and genomics, physiology, engineering, philosophy, zoology, and fisheries and wildlife. She uses an active learning approach to teach courses in applied ethology and animal welfare assessment and regularly guest lectures on these topics to law, veterinary, animal science and agricultural technology students. Janice is also an organizer of the annual intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest, a fun, competitive educational event where students must rapidly assess the welfare of animals and convincingly present their rationale to expert judges.



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