Allison Pullin

Student Representative (2018-2020)

Allison Pullin

Allison is an Animal Behavior PhD student in the lab of Dr. Maja Makagon at University of California, Davis in the USA. Her research goals are to integrate behavior and physiology to improve the welfare of laying hens. Allison's dissertation will specifically investigate the mitigation of keel bone damage in cage-free production systems, particularly as it relates to the complexity of pullet rearing environments influencing musculoskeletal development and spatial navigation. Allison will use keel-worn sensor technology to understand hen movements and behaviors. In addition to her research, she will continue to work within the laying hen industry as an inspector for Certified Humane. Prior to her PhD, Allison completed her M.S. in Animal Science at The Ohio State University (2017) in the labs of Dr. Monique Pairis-Garcia and Dr. Francis Fluharty, where her research investigated the short and long-term effects of different weaning methods on lamb grazing behavior.



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