ISAE satellite workshop: Animal training - efficacy and welfare

Workshop #6: Animal training - efficacy and welfare

This workshop will address how knowledge of animal training methods can contribute to the refinement of animal use in research studies and enhance animal care provided by veterinarians and producers. The focus will be on the use of positive reinforcement as a tool to improve animal welfare by providing animals opportunities to express choice and control behaviour. A problem-solving approach will be used to develop recommendations on the creation and distribution of a handbook on animal training techniques designed specifically for target audiences (i.e., veterinarians, producers, and researchers). Following two short presentations, an interactive demonstration of how to use positive reinforcement to shape an animal's behaviour for a desired goal will be presented. The objective for the breakout session will be to outline the elements for the animal training handbooks, as well as troubleshoot ideas for dissemination of this knowledge. 

Presentations will include:

  • Using positive reinforcement to train laboratory pigs: benefits for animal welfare & research models - Dorte Bratbo Sørensen
  • Creating an animal training handbook for livestock producers, veterinarians & researchers - Kristina Horback
  • Training animal to co-operate for veterinary procedures – a practical approach and demonstration  - Jonas Riise Johansen 

The workshop organizers, Dr. Dorte Bratbo Sørensen ( and Dr. Kristina Horback ( will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this workshop.

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