PhD position, USA

 13th May 2022

PhD on "Innovative approaches for improving cow handling on dairy farms" 

Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, USA 

You will conduct several research projects sharing the common goal to improve dairy cattle welfare, with focus on human-animal interactions on dairy farms. The first project will be to pilot test an innovative simulation tool for people to learn and improve basic cow-handling skills. Next, you will help develop and pilot test a separate tool for improving the attitudes of people working with dairy cows. You will then field test the efficacy of the aforementioned tool, including evaluating human behavior change over time and assessing cows’ responses to handling. Each project is expected to generate 1-2 peer-reviewed papers, resulting in a dissertation comprising 3-6 chapters. You will also assist with a complementary objective to evaluate the attitudes dairy-farm workers hold toward working with dairy cows, with potential co-authorship on at least 1 paper. These projects will require traveling to Wisconsin dairy farms and communicating and interacting with owners and staff, along with collecting measures from dairy cattle. You must be able to drive, speak English fluently, navigate easily in dairy barn environments, and conduct yourself professionally on private farms without supervision.

You will be advised by Dr. Jennifer Van Os, an assistant professor and extension specialist in animal welfare. Start date: either September, 2022 or January, 2023.
Desired qualifications


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