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PhD course Understanding cognition and emotions to improve animal welfare

13th Jun 2023 - 15th Jun 2023

Graduate School for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Uppsala

The course consists of a combination of lectures, seminars, group discussions, written assignment and presentations of individual project work.

Students will prepare for the course by reading the provided course literature and prepare a presentation of their own research project (24 hours).

During a three-day meeting, the students will be provided an overview and theoretical framework of animal cognition in relation to emotions, as well as different methods used for assessment of emotions and cognitive abilities. Moreover, common housing, management and handling/training practices and their impact on cognition and emotion in animals will be outlined and discussed.

During the course, the students will engage in active discussions with other course participants and reflect on the methods used in their own research projects, discuss challenges and advantages of different methods, and how different methods can be improved and strengthened (24 hours).

There will be a one-day follow up activity after students have been given time to reflect on what they have learned in the course. Students will give a second presentation in which they elaborate on how they can apply their knowledge about animal cognition and emotion in their own research project (16 hours).

Students will also complete a written assignment where they discuss different cognition and emotion assessment methods taking into account animal housing, management and handling, and if applicable, in relation to their own research on animal welfare (16 hours).



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