Carly O’Malley

Secretary (2021-2025)

Carly O'Malley

Carly O’Malley is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Global Animal Welfare and Training at Charles River Laboratories. In her current role, Carly conducts 3Rs-focused research and develops internal educational programming. Carly received her Ph.D. at Michigan State University, where she studied aggression, personality, and social dynamics of group-housed pigs. Carly received her M.S. from Western Illinois University with a focus on zoo animal welfare, researching African painted dog personality and social dynamics for her thesis. Carly received her B.S. from University of Massachusetts. Carly also has hands-on experience with animals working at zoos, dog daycares, pet sitting, dog walking, pet retail, animal shelters, as an animal technician for research animals, and as a scat dog handler for ecological field research. Carly has also worked as a freelance science writer.


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