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CFHS NAWC, Calgary, Canada

21st Apr 2018 - 24th Apr 2018


Abstract sumbmissions are being requested for the 2018 CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The conference themes that are being sought include the following topics:

Farm Animal Welfare: programs and initiatives dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals, new research on farm animals, environmental impacts and initiatives related to farming and any other emerging developments in this area.

Wildlife Welfare: Programs and initiatives that address wildlife conservation, conflicts between people and wildlife, urban wildlife issues, wildlife control and wildlife rehabilitation.

Animals in Research: Emerging or established methods and programs to end the use of animals in research and education, including innovative 3Rs programs, legislative campaigns and academic research.

Animal Sheltering: Innovative, evidence-based approaches to animal sheltering, including environmentally-friendly sheltering and other green initiatives, ground-breaking shelter design, shelter management and programs, as well as emerging shifts and trends in animal sheltering.

Animals and the Law: Recent developments in legislation, case decisions, prosecution strategies and initiatives to advance animal protection.

Humane Education: Best practices or case studies on delivering innovative humane education programs, advocacy campaigns and social media programming.

Resource Development: Emerging trends and innovative approaches to securing and retaining funding in the animal welfare sector. This could include donor stewardship, foundation funding, social enterprise and corporate partnerships.

Leading the Way: Best practices in Board development, transforming organizational culture, governance, strategic planning and human resources management.

Communications and Marketing: Emerging trends in our sector, case studies of public awareness campaigns, innovation in brand management, project management approaches, best practices in media or social media, engagement, new tools or technologies, and strategies for achieving a greater share of voice.

The program committee will also consider any other important animal welfare topics that are relevant to the Canadian context but not covered in the above topics.


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