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4th FSVO/UFAW Symposium - Humanely Ending the Life of Animals

6th Mar 2024 - 7th Mar 2024

University of Bern, Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) and UFAW symposium returns in 2024 to build on scientific and practical knowledge in the following areas

  1. More humane solutions for mass depopulation of surplus animals (eg day old male chicks) or emergency killing (eg highly contagious diseases, zoonotic diseases, or other emergency purposes); 
  2. Humane stunning and killing for aquatic species (including wild-caught fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, experimental animals (eg zebra fish), emergency killing); 
  3. Approaches for more humane killing or alternatives to killing for control of ‘pest’ species (eg selective baits, immunocontraception, alternatives to glue traps, and anticoagulants as rodenticides); 
  4. Open session (this session can include submissions on any novel developments in humane killing not covered by the other sessions). 

Each topic will be introduced by an expert in the field who will provide a general overview of current practice in the area, including common welfare issues. Submitted talks will then follow.


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