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ISAE Procedural Guidelines

Since the founding of the Society for Veterinary Ethology in 1966 and our renaming as the International Society for Applied Ethology, the ISAE has grown from a small group of British veterinarians to an international society spanning many scientific disciplines with nearly 700 members. This has increased the workload and organisation needed to run the Society.

The Procedural Guidelines provide details about the functions and procedures important for our work and are based on the Constitution. They provide corporate memory and consistency over time, incorporate decisions made at Council meetings and Annual General Meetings, increase operational transparency, and assist in running the Society. 

Please click here to access the ISAE Procedural Guidelines

The ISAE Constitution, Ethical Guidelines, Congress Attendance Fund Guidelines and Mission Statement are included as appendices.

- Michael Appleby, Procedural Advisor
- Bill Jackson, Legal Assessor


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