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Welcome to the home page of the East Asia region of the ISAE! This page provides you a window of opportunity to find out information on present and future activities in our region.

Any related regional news and information are welcome. Please feel free to contact your regional secretary.

Thank you.


Regional News


The ISAE2015 will be held in Japan. The ISAE council encourages cooperation within the region. This will require the active involvement of our regional members.


Regional activities and meetings

Regional members are able to join and post on the mailing list “”.

Every year in March, Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Applied Animal Behaviour (JSAAB) is arranged in Japan.

We are now discussing cooperation with the JSAAB in an effort to reinforce our regional activities. Joint meeting and/or symposium is a possibility.


Related Research and Education

Japanese Society for Applied Animal Behaviour (JSAAB)

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India

Wildlife SOS ­ India ­


Related Funds and Job Opportunities

At the moment, no information is available. Information Wanted!


Contact your regional secretary


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