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Maria V. R.   


I am currently in my second year of my three-year PhD position at Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science, Denmark. My project is focusing on the behavior dairy cows in relation to calving, aiming to design a new calving facility which makes the cows self-guided.


Megan LaFollette is a PhD student in the labs of Dr. Brianna Gaskill and Dr. Marguerite O’Haire in Animal Sciences at Purdue University in Indiana, USA. Her main research interest is on the intersection of animal welfare and human-animal interactions. For her PhD, Megan’s research focuses on refining the application of rat tickling which is a continuation of her Master of Science work completed at Purdue in 2016. Prior to her work at Purdue, Megan received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Truman State University in Missouri, USA. As an undergraduate student she investigated the efficacy of positive reinforcement training using food rewards in horses. She is excited for her role as a student representative for ISAE.


Interested in animal behaviour?

Get in touch if you interested in knowing more about ISAE or starting a research career in animal behaviour and welfare, and we will both be happy to give you some information and advice.

Check out the ISAE Employment Opportunities and Education and Resources pages for Coursework and Research MSc and PhD positions.


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