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Benefits of ISAE Membership

Membership to ISAE is open to anyone with an academic interest in agriculture, veterinary medicine, zoology, and other animal sciences.

New applicants are requested to fill in an online application form which includes the contact details of a proposer and seconder, both professionally involved in animal behaviour science or its application, one of which should be a current ISAE member. For contact details of current members please ask your regional secretary. Applicants are also requested to write a maximum 10-line statement on who they are and why they wish to join.

Benefits of ISAE membership include

The subscription year runs from June to May. Different rates apply to different types of membership. Currently, regular members pay £35 per year, and dues for students and retirees are £15. Please note that to qualify for student rate, applicants and members have to submit proof of student status to the Membership Secretary each year they apply for the discounted rate.

In exceptional cases, ISAE council may award free membership to academics in countries or from institutes who cannot afford the normal membership rate. The Membership Secretary can inform you about terms & conditions.

ISAE also offers Corporate Membership, which entitles an approved organisation to receive information normally distributed to members and to send two representatives to ISAE meetings under the same terms as ordinary members. Corporate Member representatives have no power to vote and cannot hold a position on Council. Corporate Membership does not entitle organisations to reduced-rate subscriptions to Applied Animal Behaviour Science. The Corporate Membership fee is currently £100 per year.

Before applying for membership, you should read our application tips here, which will help speed up the process

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