News : New Investigator Award

ISAE New Investigator Award Winners

The award is given to a candidate who has demonstrated scientific excellence and/or an exceptional aptitude for carrying out research in applied ethology early in their career.



Dr. Jean-Loup Rault
Senior Research Fellow
University of Melbourne, Australia

Rault 2016 new investigator photo    Rault 2016 new investigator research photo
Jean-Loup Rault                               EEG readings from freely moving pigs - a novel technique



Dr. Maja Makagon
Assistant Professor
Department of Animal Science
University of California-Davis, United States of America

Maja M    Duck Treadmill
Maja Makagon                                                                                   Duck on a treadmill



Dr. Joanne Edgar
University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Jo Edgar    ThermoChicks
Jo Edgar                                                 Hen and chick under thermal imaging cameras



Dr. Brianna N. Gaskill
Purdue University, Indiana, United States of America

Brianna G    Mouse in nest
Brianna Gaskill                                      Mouse in a nest

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