Senior manager, USA

 1st Apr 2022

Senior Manager, Shelter Behavior Science

New York, USA

As part of the Policy, Response & Engagement (PRE) division, the Behavioral Sciences Team (BST) supports behavior programs across the ASPCA to safeguard the behavioral health of our animals. The BST’s work focuses on:

  • Promoting a holistic approach to the care of ASPCA animals that balances physical and mental wellbeing. We ensure organization-wide alignment of behavior best practices, foundational tools and behavioral data management.
  • Advancing science-based processes and protocols in shelter behavior, including enrichment, socialization and behavior modification, to improve quality of life of sheltered animals, reduce euthanasia of animals with treatable behavior problems and expedite pathway planning decisions for animals unsuitable for rehabilitation.
  • Establishing psychological harm as legally cognizable animal cruelty so that animals suffering emotional trauma receive the same protections under the law as animals suffering physical harm.
  • Supporting ASPCA’s cruelty and disaster operations through forensic behavior documentation, consultation, research and subject matter expert testimony. We work closely with Legal Advocacy & Investigations, National Field Response, Forensic Science and Rehabilitation Services by deploying for animal removals, providing low stress handling, conducting forensic behavior evaluations and supporting shelter behavior programs at temporary field shelters.

The Senior Manager, Shelter Behavior Science partners with ASPCA behavior teams to ensure the implementation of behavior best practices at his or her assigned ASPCA facilities and ASPCA emergency shelters. The Senior Manager educates, consults, coaches, develops and shares materials designed to advance the ASPCA’s mission to improve animal behavioral health and strengthen shelter behavior programs.


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