Senior Director, USA

 4th Mar 2021

Senior Director, Animal Behavior


Columbus (OH), USA


Are you dedicated to companion animal behavior and passionate about delivering high-quality care and optimizing welfare for animals in need? Are you passionate about bringing multiple areas of animal sheltering expertise together and working with a team to optimize the overall well-being of animals? Do you thrive in a dynamic and complex environment, where colleagues work together to continually advance our field? If so, the role of Senior Director of Animal Behavior at the ASPCA’s Cruelty Recovery Center (CRC) might be right for you! At the CRC, a dedicated team of sheltering, veterinary and animal behavior staff work together to serve animals rescued in ASPCA national cruelty cases and disaster responses.

The Senior Director will be based at the CRC, in Columbus, OH, and will travel to support emergency sheltering operations for victims of cruelty and neglect or natural disasters. The Senior Director will partner with a team of sheltering, medical, forensics, legal, and behavior personnel to ensure high quality care and optimal outcomes for all animals, including assessment, enrichment, rehabilitation, placement, and euthanasia recommendations. He or she will lead the behavior team at the CRC to provide top quality care and safeguard the behavioral health of animals housed at the CRC and at field and emergency shelters. While behavior programs across the ASPCA are aligned to ensure best practices, the Senior Director will work closely with the Behavioral Sciences Team (BST) to develop processes or protocols that are unique to the specific situation or animal population.. Success in this role will hinge on the ability to collaborate with these teams, especially the operations and medical teams at the CRC, to ensure that animals’ physical and behavioral needs are met on both individual patient and population levels, and to collaborate with subject matter experts across the organization to ensure alignment with and integration of best practices across ASPCA programs.

This position also requires a leader who embraces the power of teamwork and collaboration to achieve shared goals. To succeed in this role, the Senior Director must have a comprehensive understanding of shelter animal behavior, excellent animal handling skills, and sound judgement in order to provide high-quality care for populations of animals with significant behavioral and/or medical needs. He or she will also provide mentorship, training, and support for other team members involved in the behavioral health management of all animals cared for at the CRC and emergency sheltering facilities. Ideal candidates will have shelter behavior expertise, experience working in temporary shelter settings, and superior interpersonal skills, including experience leading teams of behavior professionals.


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