Research Scientist, France

 4th Feb 2021

Junior Research Scientist in genetics and behavior of poultry in animal production

Nouzilly, France


You will develop innovative work in the genetics of poultry breeding behaviour to integrate
behavioural aptitudes in the evaluation of birds' adaptive capacities to breeding, an approach
that has so far been little explored at international level. To do so, you will describe the
different components of behavioural adaptation such as physical activity and exploratory
behaviour. You will use high-throughput phenotyping technologies to identify new
phenotypes of individual and collective behaviour, measurable on a large scale, and
implement experiments to evaluate their relevance in adaptive terms. You will study their
genetic determinism through innovative quantitative genetic approaches, taking into account
the interactions between genetics and the environment and the social interactions between
individuals in a group, and you will describe the relationships between these new traits and
the indicators of production and product quality. Genomic approaches may eventually enrich
this work.


Training and skills

  • Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent.
  • Skills in ethology and good knowledge of quantitative genetics are recommended. A strong taste for data analysis would be desirable. Experience or an interest in experimentation would be an additional asset.
  • Candidates should have a good command of English, and long-term international experience would also be desirable. Successful candidates who have not yet acquired this experience abroad will be required to do so after their probationary period (1st year).


Important: A webinar to know more

Here you can find information on a webinar on this competition - come and talk about it with the team in which the position is opened.

On the program, you will discover:

  • Science at INRAE
  • The lab and the position
  • The terms and conditions to apply

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