Research Internship, Austria

 6th Dec 2021

Student Internship - Personality and social behaviour in pigs

Institute of Animal Welfare Science, Vetmeduni Vienna 
Vienna, Austria 

The Institute for Animal Welfare Science at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vetmeduni) is searching for a motivated student (Master or other levels) to join us in the period between January and July 2022 (part of this period (i.e. later start or earlier end time) is also possible depending on your availability). The candidate should have an interest in animal behaviour and welfare, and preferably have experience in working with pigs or other farm animals. The main language will be English. The project includes data collection at the Vetmeduni research farm ca 50 min outside of Vienna, Austria.Research on characterizing the personality of pigs is gaining recent interest as it may help optimize animal welfare suited to each individual. In this project, we develop a novel behavioural test of laterality (i.e. asymmetries of brain and behaviour, where each brain hemisphere controls the contralateral part of the body) as a promising indicator of personality. We will also investigate the link between personality and the social behaviour (social hierarchy, social network and social stability) of those pigs with their group members, as an important aspect of their welfare.

The student will help conduct individual behavioural tests at the pig research and teaching farm near Berndorf (Austria), and will conduct video analysis post-hoc, with the aim to gain more insights into the link between personality, laterality and social behaviour and their implications for pig husbandry. Therefore, you will gain knowledge in animal behaviour test, analysis, but also animal welfare more broadly.

If you are interested, please email your CV and a letter of motivation to Charlotte Goursot, before end of January 2022.


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