Postdoctoral Position, USA (starts 1 July, 2018 or earlier)

 30th Nov 2017

Postdoctoral Position
Applied Ethology & Welfare

School of Veterinary Medicine
Swine Teaching & Research Center
University of Pennsylvania, USA

The Swine Teaching and Research Center located on the New Bolton Center campus of the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania is looking to fill a postdoctoral position starting July 1, 2018 (or sooner if possible), under the direction of Thomas D. Parsons, VMD, PhD. Talented individuals are being recruited to join a research team that addresses the behavior and welfare of sows reared in loose housing, both in large groups during gestation and with free farrowing systems. Specific projects will explore exciting new biomarkers and other novel metrics of affective state in sows. Work will be carried out at the Penn Vet Swine Center that houses a 250 sow research herd as well as on several large 5000-sow commercial farms implementing alternative sow housing systems. This position provides a truly unique opportunity to study sows under a variety of welfare-friendly husbandry scenarios. Expertise in applied ethology, experimental design, and statistics is highly desirable

Please contact Tom Parsons () if you are interested.

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