Postdoc (poultry), Denmark (closes 1 March)

 3rd Feb 2018

Two-year Postdoc Position
Poultry Behaviour & Welfare (960685)

Department of Animal Science
Aarhus University, Denmark

Applications close 1 March, 2018
Position available starting 1 August, 2018

Seeking a candidate with a strong background in behaviour and welfare of poultry, including layers and broilers. Some of the important focus areas will be 1) suitability of poultry breeds for organic production 2), validation of welfare indicators and 3) enrichment for broiler breeders. The main tasks are management of a laying hen project comparing suitability of different breeds for organic production in relation to outdoor range use, fearfulness, production parameters etc. and collaboration with other research groups on developing and investigating feeding strategies to alleviate hunger in broiler breeders.

Besides creating a strong research basis the candidate has to perform both teaching, supervision of students and research-based consultancy for the public sector.


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