Postdoc, UK (deadline Jan 13)

 14th Dec 2022

Post-doc researcher sustainable alternative pig production

Animal Welfare Unit, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
Hillsborough, UK


AFBI is currently looking for a post-doc researcher to work on a project on alternative pig production systems (21 month contract, start date Feb/March 2023). The post-doc will design, conduct and analyse two trials and create scientific and popular outputs based on the results. In the first trial pigs will be integrated into an agroforestry system, to study the effects of trees on paddock quality and thus pig welfare and environmental impact. The second trial will focus on the effect of different bedding materials on pig welfare kept in intensive conditions.

The post-doc will work in the Animal Welfare Unit of AFBI’s Livestock Production Sciences Branch, with further support from the Monogastric Unit and the Agri-Environment Branch. The project sits within the larger project ONEWELPIG which is carried out in collaboration with Teagasc, Queen’s university Belfast and University College Dublin.


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