Postdoc, Spain (deadline December 3)

 20th Nov 2023

Postdoc in "Development of a Knowledge Platform to collect, analyse, share and use integrated scientific and technical data on Animal Welfare"

Animal Welfare Program, IRTA
Monells, Spain

This 3-years project, coordinated by the Animal Welfare Program, is a set of activities of the European Partnership Animal Health and Welfare, aiming to develop a knowledge platform for collecting, analysing, sharing, and using integrated scientific and technical data on animal welfare. The specific objectives also include the creation of a network of relevant stakeholders, the identification of animal welfare measures, methods, protocols, tools and data and the formulation of needs for the standardization of indicators and monitoring processes. This should allow the design of a flexible data model for centralised and harmonised monitoring and surveillance of animal welfare at EU level on farms, during transport and at the slaughterhouse.


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