PhD position, Spain

 2nd Feb 2023

PhD candidate 

Animal Welfare Program, Catalan Institute of Agricultural Research (IRTA)
Monells, Spain

IRTA is currently seeking an enthusiastic and motivated PhD candidate to join the Animal Welfare Program. We invite applications from ambitious candidates with relevant research experience and passion to conduct research and innovation activities on the STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE ANIMAL WELFARE AND SUSTAINABILITY IN ORGANIC PIG PRODUCTION.

The specific objectives of the project will be to develop strategies to prevent piglet mortality in new designs of loose farrowing pens and to prevent postweaning diarrhoea in piglets in organic pig farming. Therefore, the project aims at tackling two of the major challenges in terms of welfare and sustainability in organic pig production. Experimental studies will be conducted in two organic pig farms, collecting behavioural and physiological data, as well as performance indicators and meat characterization traits.


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