MSc or PhD position, Canada

 2nd Apr 2021

Master’s or Doctorate in animal behaviour and welfare, for a study of social behaviour in pigs

Université Laval 


The goal of the project is to explore relationships between social behaviour in growing pigs and their productivity, in terms of growth, feed conversion, and carcass composition. Behaviour and indirect genetic effects will be assessed using several types of sensors, including automated feeders, animal-worn tags, and video. Animal trials will evaluate the effects of grouping pigs according to anticipated indirect genetic effects. This project will be carried out at Université Laval, in collaboration with the Centre de développement du porc du Québec (, Alphagene (, and the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement ( The chosen candidate will carry out analyses of historical data linking behaviour and productivity, as well as new animal trials.

If interested, please contact Dr. Jamie Ahloy-Dallaire: 



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