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As part of the Animals and Society Institute's (ASI) efforts to become a more robust think tank and increase the impact on policy and practices related to our treatment of animals, we are working on an exciting new project in which we would love your participation. We are creating a list of our colleagues whose research and other activities focus on a wide variety of topics involving our relationships to and treatment of animals. This list will be an invaluable resource on a number of fronts, allowing you to connect with others who share your interests, learn about grants and other research opportunities, and apply your research in a broader set of arenas if you so choose (offering political testimonies, providing quotes to media sources, etc.).

The list, which will be in Excel format and maintained by the Animals & Society Institute, will include:  

  • first and last name
  • work email address
  • academic institution
  • department
  • areas of interest/research

If you or your colleagues are interested, email  with the information noted above as a formal way of opting in. Our deadline for this phase of the project is September 30th

Ken Shapiro, President of the Board, ASI

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