ISAE-AWIN Collaboration

AWIN (Animal Welfare Indicators) is an E.U. funded project, partly involving research and partly animal welfare education. The Animal Welfare Science Hub is an interactive and personalised portal which includes information about courses and other teaching materials on a variety of animal welfare topics.

The Hub will list details of animal welfare courses and other teaching materials produced by any organisation. Other materials might be short, downloadable learning materials or “learning objects”, for example some video-based material with questions and answers for students. One unique aspect of the Hub is that the posting of courses and learning materials will be subject to peer review. To achieve this aim, AWIN is collaborating with ISAE in order to guarantee scientific quality now and in the future. 

Courses produced as official university courses, so with full approval of the university, will be listed on the Hub without further review. However, all other courses, including those that have university contributions but are not formally university courses, will not be listed until checked by an animal welfare scientist. ISAE would be stated on the Hub as the approving body and would arrange this checking, via the Education Officer. This is necessary to ensure that scientifically incorrect materials, or materials presenting an unbalanced viewpoint, perhaps that of an industry body or animal protection society, would not be put directly on the Hub but could be put there if presented in a correct and balanced way. 

AWIN envisages that, when the Hub coordinator receives course details or a learning object, the ISAE Education Officer would be informed of the level, area of specialisation and language of the material and would pass it to an ISAE member who would review it. Since there are many people who could do such reviewing, it is not anticipated that it would be a heavy load for any reviewer, just something like a paper to review. AWIN has produced guidance documents, approved by ISAE, for reviewers of courses or learning objects on the Animal Welfare Science Hub.

AWIN and ISAE hope that ISAE members and others will enter information about their courses and other teaching materials about any aspect of animal welfare on the Hub. For further information see the Hub, the AWIN web-site or contact the ISAE Education Officer .

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