East Central Europe


Regional Secretary

Dr. Radka Šárová ()

Department of Ethology
Institute of Animal Science
Pratelstvi 815
104 00 Prague ­ Uhrineves
Czech Republic

Country Liaison: Serbia

Dr. Mirjana Đukić-Stojčić ()

Dr. Đukić-Stojčić has created a Serbian translation of a poster promoting the ISAE, which can be downloaded below:

serbian poster


Upcoming regional meeting: Animal Preferences and Animal Welfare

The East Central Europe and West Central Europe regions of the ISAE are planning a joint regional meeting in Poland in 2018!

Meeting attendance award - deadline May 25, 2018


Conference: 11 to 12 June, 2018, Warsaw, Poland




To learn more about Mirjana, for information about previous East Central Europe regional meetings, and for resources specifc to the region, follow the link below:

learn more



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