Behavior Coordinator, USA

 1st Apr 2022

Behavior Coordinator, ARC & CARE

New York, USA

The goal of ARC (Animal Recovery Center) and CARE (Canine Annex for Recovery and Enrichment) is to recover and rehabilitate animals admitted through the NYPD, the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement (HLE), and Community Engagement (CE) programs, and to prepare them for placement whenever possible.

The Behavior Coordinator (the Coordinator) works with the Behavior Training Manager and the Behavior Specialists in CARE and ARC to provide safe, high-quality behavioral support from intake to outcome or discharge, in accordance with organizational protocols.

The Coordinator supports, communicates and collaborates with staff in ARC, CARE, Adoptions, the Animal Hospital (AAH) and Forensics, in order to optimize the health and welfare of animals and, whenever possible, to set them up for success in a new home. The Coordinator may also provide on-scene support for large scale animal cases and search warrant executions.


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