Assistant or Associate Professor, USA (deadline January 15)

 13th Oct 2023

Assistant or Associate Professor in Applied Ethology and Welfare

Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois
Urbana-Champaign, USA

This position is available through a strategic departmental hiring plan to expand research and education to provide safe, reliable food for a growing world population and promote animal health and well-being. This position will focus on applied ethology and welfare of swine. Advances in the area of applied ethology will improve swine health, production efficiency, and welfare. Next-generation systems for producing pork must be efficient, ecologically sustainable, and socially acceptable; understanding swine behavior is necessary for achieving this goal. This position provides an exciting opportunity for someone interested in conducting research motivated by a strong desire to interact with the pork industry in areas of efficiency, sustainability and animal welfare.  The person hired will develop a nationally and internationally recognized, extramurally funded research and extension program, collaborate across disciplines and with industry partners to seek practical solutions to questions which have economic, social, and moral implications to stakeholders including consumers, and contribute to the department’s academic programs. This position builds on our history and ongoing research in genetics, nutrition, meat science, precision management, immune and reproductive physiology, microbiology and animal systems with application to livestock and biomedical research.


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