Academic fellowships (US$15-25,000)

Tiny Beam Fund
Burning Questions Fellowship

for Academic Researchers Interested in Helping to Address Negative Impacts of Global Industrial Food Animal Production

Summary Information for Spring/Summer 2019 Fellowships:

Who is offering these fellowships:

  • This is a new fellowship program from Tiny Beam Fund – a new grant-making U.S. foundation (registered as a legal entity in January 2019). 
  • This program is part of Tiny Beam Fund’s flagship initiative “Burning Questions Initiative” (BQI). BQI has been active since 2017 as a pilot.  It is partly because of the favorable feedback BQI has received that the decision was made to expand it and set up a non-profit foundation to house and fully fund it.

What is the fellowship program’s focus area:

  • This fellowship program focuses on a set of practical "burning questions" asked by veteran front-line persons tackling negative impacts of industrial-scale food animal production in low- and middle-income countries (e.g. China, Brazil).

What fellowships are offered:

  • 3 total fellowship awards are available: 1 for US$25,000 (for a team of 2-4 researchers); 1 for $20,000 (for an individual with PhD); 1 for $15,000 (for an individual enrolled in PhD program).
  • The award period is four months. (Start date preferably in July or August 2019.)

Who can apply:

  • The fellowships are meant primarily for academic researchers (including independent scholars). Persons from large research organizations can also apply.
  • All applicants must hold PhD/doctoral degree or be enrolled in PhD/doctoral programs.
  • There are no restrictions as to applicants’ residence / citizenship / location.

What do fellowship recipients have to do:

  • The main task of a fellow during the award period is to prepare one Guidance Memo (4,000 – 6,000 words) in plain language.
  • Guidance Memos are documents prepared specifically to assist front-line persons who are the end users, written from the perspectives of academics.
  • Topics addressed in Guidance Memos must be directly relevant to the “burning questions”.
  • Guidance Memos’ primary objective: To provide sound information and clear explanations that deepen front-line persons’ understanding of the issues addressed; to highlight key considerations that they may not be aware of; to offer practical advice that helps their decision-making and work.
  • Also required from a recipient of a fellowship award:
    • An annotated bibliography of 315 publications.
    • short personal narrative on the experience working on the Guidance Memo.

Important Note: This fellowship program is NOT a good fit for individuals seeking financial support to conduct substantial academic research on their own projects. But recipients of fellowships can engage in research work unrelated to the fellowship during the award period if they wish.

Application Opens: March 15, 2019. Closes: May 31, 2019.

See HERE for information about the fellowship and to apply.

Visit the foundation’s website. Send all inquiries to 

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