2 PhD positions, Germany (deadline Sept 23)

 12th Aug 2021

2 PhD positions on autonomous and intelligent pasture protection fences

Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Justus Liebig University Giessen
Giessen, Germany


The wolf is back in Germany and this inevitably leads to conflicts with livestock farmers and the general public. In close cooperation with the University of Bremen (Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering) and a partner from industry, an "intelligent" pasture fence will be developed in this joint project that detects predators (especially wolves) and deters them, but at the same time does not harm farm animals and wildlife. One of the two successful applicants will test the effect and efficacy of different deterrence methods on wolves, taking animal welfare into account. The other successful applicant will focus on the responses of different livestock species to the presence of predators and methods of deterrence.

Task Description:

• Acquisition of farms for data collection
• Collect behavioural and physiological data from farm animals (especially sheep, goats, chickens, cattle and horses) and predators (especially wolves) at participating farms and wildlife park
• Support the project partners in the collection of images and movement data on wolves, grazing animals and other wild animals
• Organisation of laboratory analyses for physiological stress markers
• Statistical analysis of the collected data on behaviour and stress physiology
• Preparation and communication of the findings in scientific media and to a broad public
• Scientific exchange with project partners and participation in the development of an AI-supported system for the detection and defence against predators

Deadline: September 23, 2021



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