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51st International Congress: 2017


Aarhus, Denmark
07 to 10 August, 2017
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Theme: Understanding Animal Behaviour


The world of animals: senses and perception 
Animal learning and cognition 
Maternal and neonatal behaviour
Animal affective states
Social behaviour of animals
Applying ethology in the keeping of animals
Animal stress responses 
Human-animal interactions 
Free papers


52nd International Congress: 2018

Prince Edward Island, Canada
30 July to 03 August, 2018

53rd International Congress: 2019

Bergen, Norway
05 to 09 August, 2019
In the event of cancellation of a congress (e.g., as a consequence of a disease outbreak or acts of terrorism), the ISAE retains the right (by ‘force majeure’) to keep congress registration fees to cover outstanding expenses, if absolutely necessary.

The ISAE has developed a fund to help some ISAE members attend the annual international congress by paying their registration fees. Please download more details about the fund and consider making a donation to support the fund.


Past ISAE Meetings & Proceedings


Regional Meeting


50th International Congress, Edinburgh, UK (abstracts)

Regional Meeting


49th International Congress, Sapporo, Japan (abstracts)

Regional Meeting


48th International Congress, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (abstracts)
A selection of the talks have been video recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Regional Meetings


47th International Congress, Florianopolis, Brazil (abstracts)

Regional Meetings


46th International Congress, Vienna, Austria (abstracts)

Regional meetings


45th International Congress, Indianapolis, US (abstracts)

Regional meetings


44th International Congress, Uppsala, Sweden (abstracts)

Regional meetings


43rd International Congress, Cairns, Australia (abstracts)

Regional meetings


42nd International Congress, Dublin, Ireland  (abstracts)
Hard copies of these proceedings can be purchased from Wageningen Academic Publishers

 Regional meetings


41st International Congress, Merida, Mexico (abstracts)

Regional meetings


40th International Congress, Bristol, UK (abstracts)

Regional meetings


39th International Congress, Sagamihara, Japan (abstracts)

Regional meetings


38th International Congress, Helsinki, Finland (abstracts)

Regional meetings


37th International Congress, Abano Therme, Italy (abstracts)

Regional meeting


36th International Congress, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands (abstracts)

Regional meetings


35th International Congress, Davis, CA, USA (abstracts)

Regional meeting


34th International Congress, Florianopolis, Brazil

Regional meeting


33rd International Congress, Lillehammer, Norway (abstracts)


32nd International Congress, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Regional meetings


31st International Congress, Prague, Czech Republic (abstracts)

Regional meeting


 30th International Congress, Guelph, Canada


29th International Congress, Exeter England

Regional meeting


28th International Congress, Foulum, Denmark

Regional meeting

International Congresses from 1966 to 1993

1993 Berlin, Germany
1992 Pittsburgh, PA, USA
1991 Edinburgh, Scotland (abstracts)
1990 Montecatini, Italy
1989 Bristol, England
1988 Skara, Sweden
1987 Tanikon, Switzerland
1986 Wageningen, Netherlands
1985 Cambridge, England
1984 Kiel, West Germany
1983 Tours, France
1982 Reading, England
1981 Edinburgh, Scotland
1980 Zeist, Netherlands (Appl. Anim. Ethol. 7:381-393)
1979 Dublin, Ireland
1978 Skara, Sweden (Appl. Anim. Ethol. 5:289-300)
1977 Brighton, England
1976 Cambridge, England
1975 (Dec) London, England (Br. Vet. J. 133:190-192)
1975 (June) Bristol, England (Br. Vet. J. 133:95-101)
1974 Ghent, Belgium (Appl. Anim. Ethol. 1:203-209)
1973 London, England (Br. Vet. J. 130:85-95)
1972 Dublin, Ireland
1972 Liverpool, England (Br. Vet. J. 129:501-504)
1971 Bristol, England
1971 (May) Cambridge, England (Br. Vet. J. 128:477-480)
1970 (Nov) London, England (Br. Vet. J. 127:398-400)
1970 (Jun) Edinburgh, Scotland (Br. Vet. J. 27:394-397)
1969 (Dec) Cambridge, England (Br. Vet. J. 126:656-660)
1969 (Jun) Edinburgh, Scotland (Br. Vet. J. 126:495-500)
1968 (Nov) Bristol, England (Br. Vet. J. 125:248-254)
1968 (Jun) Glasgow, Scotland (Br. Vet. J. 125:150-153)
1967 (Jun) Edinburgh, Scotland (Br. Vet. J. 125:46-53)
1966 (Dec) London, England
1966 (Jun) Edinburgh, Scotland (abstracts)

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2009 Norway proceedings (5142 KB)
2009 Norway proceedings
2009 Cairns proceedings (3375 KB)
2009 Cairns proceedings
2009 ISAE North-American Meeting Proceedings (907 KB)
2009 ISAE North-American Meeting Proceedings
2010 UK-Eire ISAE Regional abstracts (141 KB)
2010 UK-Eire ISAE Regional abstracts
2010 Nordic ISAE Proceedings (548 KB)
2010 Nordic ISAE Proceedings
2009 Mediterranean Proceediings (482 KB)
2009 Mediterranean Proceediings
2010 Uppsala, Sweden (2771 KB)
2010 ISAE in Uppsala Sweden
2011 Nordic proceedings (110 KB)
2011 Nordic proceedings
1997 ISAE in Prague Czech Republic (1042 KB)
1997 ISAE in Prague Czech Republic
1991 ISAE in Edinburgh Scotland (1166 KB)
1991 ISAE in Edinburgh Scotland

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