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Profile - Dr. Emma Fabrega


Emma Fàbrega-Romans is working as animal welfare researcher at the Catalan Institute of Agricultural Research (IRTA) in Monells (Girona, Catalonia, Spain). Our main areas of work are on the development of tools and measurements to assess animal welfare in different scenarios (from farm to slaughter) and with different species (pigs, cattle, fish, rabbits). Within this framework we have projects from cognition bias, to alternatives to piglet castration and precision farming, always with animal behaviour and welfare assessment as main objective. At European level, we have participated in several projects such as Welfare Quality®, Q- PorkChains, SABRE, ALCASDE and at national level Emma Fàbrega has coordinated a project on alternatives to piglet castration and another one on precision farming and welfare. Emma Fàbrega joined the ISAE society when she was a student of the MsC Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare in 1998 and she became the regional Mediterranean secretary in 2011.

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