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Requests for Internships or Volunteer Experience

This page is to aid members, especially students, who require internships as part of their study or those who wish to gain experience in certain subject areas to advertise their availability and interests. If you would like to advertise here, please send details of your subjects of interest and availability to the Communications Officer ()


Dr. Ane Rodriguez Aurrekoetxea
Currently I work as a consultant by myself in applied ethology and welfare. I would like to combine the consultancy with short stays (some months, depending on the project) with research groups to continue learning and gaining experience. I have worked with different species - cattle, chickens, hens, pets, wild animals.
My availability is flexible (requested 21 December, 2016)
Guillermo Garcia Gasco
I'm a psychologist. Next year I'm going to do Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln. I'm really interested in applied ethology and in particular in animal behavior and welfare.
My availability is flexible. I would like to start as soon as possible.
Vito Lionetti () I am a biologist with a Master's Degree. I am really interested in Formicidae (ants), in particular their social behaviour and ecology.
I would like to start in October/November 2016, but I am highly flexible.
Cecilia Turcato ()
I'm a Masters student studying animal behaviour at the University of Turin, Italy. I'm really interested in applied ethology and in particular in the conservation and reintroduction of animals or projects where the study of animal behaviour can connect the interest of both humans and the animal itself.
I would like to start a project in September 2016 for a duration of 4-6 months. 
Harry O'Neill
I am very interested in primate behaviour, but also complex cognition in numerous species. I am interested in traits once considered exlusive to humans, such as language and dialect, cooperation, theory of mind, too use, and mental time travel. I am excited by the prospect of active animal behavioural testing.
End of August 2016. I would ideally like to start placements in September if they are available, but I am highly flexible and will work around any potential vacancies.

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