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Authors Title Journal
K.A. Descovich, J. Wathan, M.C. Leach, H.M. Buchanan-Smith, P. Flecknell, D. Farningham, S.-J. Vick
Review article: Facial expression: An under-utilised tool for the assessment of welfare in mammals ALTEX
J.A. Dallaire, G.J. Mason Juvenile rough-and-tumble play predicts adult sexual behaviour in American mink Animal Behaviour
R.K. Meagher, M.A.G. von Keyserlingk, D.Atkinson, D.M. Weary
Inconsistency in dairy calves' repsonses to tests of fearfulness Applied Animal Behaviour Science
E.N. de Haas, C. Lee, C.E. Hernandez, M. Naguib, T.B. Rodenburg
Individual differences in personality in laying hens are related to learning a colour cue association Behavioural Processes
C. Nawroth, P.M. Prentice, A.G. McElligott Individual personality differences in goats predict their performance in visual learning and non-associative cognitive tasks
Behavioural Processes
C. Nawroth, J.M. Brett, A.G. McElligott Goats display audience-dependent human-directed gazing behaviour in a problem-solving task
Biology Letters
C.L. Daigle In search of the urban cowboy: the need to incorporate animal husbandry into the United States higher education curriculum and its implications for production animal welfare
Frontiers in Veterinary Science
S. Hintze, E. Roth, I. Bachmann, H. Würbel
Toward a choice-based judgment bias task for horses Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science
M.V. Rørvang, B.L. Nielsen, M.S. Herskin, M.B. Jensen
Short Communication: Calving site selection of multiparous, group-housed dairy cows is influenced by site of a previous calving
Journal of Dairy Science
J.M. Chen, K.E. Schütz, C.B. Tucker Cooling cows efficiently with water spray: Behavioral, physiological, and production responses to sprinklers at the feed bunk
Journal of Dairy Science
L. Baciadonna, C. Nawroth, A.G. McElligott Judgement bias in goats (Capra hircus): Investigating the effects of human grooming
L. Vogt, T. . Reichlin, C. Nathues, H. Würbel Authorization of animal experiments is based on confidence rather than evidence of scientific rigor
PLoS Biology
[press release]
T.S. Reichlin, L. Vogt, H. Würbel The researchers' view of scientific rigor - Survey on the conduct and reporting of in vivo research
PLoS One
[press release]
Various Special collection: Epidemiological investigations of North American zoo elephant welfare
C.J. Byrd, R.P. Main, M.M. Makagon Evaluating Pekin duck walking ability using a treadmill performance test
Poultry Science
M. Friel, H.P. Kunc, K. Griffin, L. Asher, L.M. Collins
Acoustic signalling reflects personality in a social mammal Royal Society Open Science
E. Pacheco, J.L. Salak-Johnson Social status affects welfare metrics of group-housed gestating sows Veterinary Research & Animal Husbandry

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