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Many journals provide authors with a temporary free link to the newly published article. If you would like to share a temporary link or open-access article with ISAE members, please send the information to the !

Authors Title Journal
C. Nawroth, J. M. Brett, A. G. McElligott Goats display audience-dependent human-directed gazing behaviour in a problem-solving task Biology Letters
C. L. Daigle In search of the urban cowboy: the need to incorporate animal husbandry into the United States higher education curriculum and its implications for production animal welfare Frontiers in Veterinary Science
J. M. Chen, K. E. Schütz, C. B. Tucker Comparison of instantaneous sampling and continuous observation of dairy cattle behavior in freestall housing Journal of Dairy Science
J. M. Chen, K. E. Schütz, C. B. Tucker Cooling cows efficiently with water spray: Behavioral, physiological, and production responses to sprinklers at the feed bunk Journal of Dairy Science
Various Special collection: Epidemiological investigations of North American zoo elephant welfare PLoS
C. J. Byrd, R. P. Main, M. M. Makagon Evaluating Pekin duck walking ability using a treadmill performance test Poultry Science
E. Pacheco, J. L. Salak-Johnson Social status affects welfare metrics of group-housed gestating sows Veterinary Research & Animal Husbandry

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