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2017 18 Feb: A Rich Life for Horses, The Netherlands

18/2/2017 00:00

Seminar: A Rich Life for Horses

Be the best version of your horsey self and join the seminar “A Rich Life for Horses” on February 18th 2017 in The Netherlands!

- Choice, Control, Environment and Being Together -
What would horses choose if you would ask: hay or concentrate? Outdoors or indoors? Taking a walk or riding? Can we even ask them these types of questions? And how would they answer them?

Let’s think a bit about the lives of horses and how choice, control, environment and being together play a role in all that. What is a rich life for horses, and how does this differ between individuals? How do we offer them a rich life? What steps can we take, even within the limited possibilities of our society? Two experts in the field will help us with these questions on February 18th. 

Sabrina Brando MSc. is the owner of AnimalConcepts, researcher and trailblazer, traveling the world giving scientific and popular presentations about animal welfare and the human-animal relationship. During this seminar she will talk about these questions from her extensive scientific and practical experience with captive wild animals. A brief introduction to the concept of “24/7 Animal Welfare” will be featured as a short workshop, where participants consider, map out and do basic research into whether the needs and wants of horses are being met 24/7. 

Dr. Cecilie Mejdell is one of the Norwegian researchers who wondered whether horses could communicate if they want to have a blanket on or not. It is often thought that horses “only live in the present”; therefore we should make these types of decisions for them. But is this the case? By using symbols, a team of scientists taught 23 horses to communicate their preference: “Today I would like to have a blanket on, or not”. Cecilie will elaborate from her personal experience of this fascinating and ground-breaking research on communication between horse and human, and its implications for a creating a rich life for horses by offering more choice and control.

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